El dúo de DJs y productores estadounidense originario del Bronx mejor conocidos en el mundo de la música electrónica como “The Martinez Brothers” y el DJ originario de Guatemala conocido en el mundo EDM como “Carnage“, presentaron el pasado viernes 7 de agosto de 2020 su sencillo denominado “Together“. Este sencillo también cuenta con la colaboración del músico y compositor “Elderbrook” y el productor de Hip-Hop “MIKE DEAN“. Sencillo disponible en todas las plataformas de streaming musical bajo el sello discográfico “Ultra Records“.


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With electronic music becoming so big over the years… I want producers coming from my side of the spectrum to know that the music we make isnt only for parties & festivals anymore… we have been pressured into making music that works better for parties rather than making music that work better for our souls…we have the platform for healing people across the world…never ignore your heart…. do whatever the fuck you want… make whatever the fuck you want and as long as you’re happy with the music you’re creating your real fans will stand by you till the end… the world has been upside down majority of this year and there has been a lot of negative energy all around us… as musicians we need to not worry about streams and formula written music… we need to help heal hearts and bring happiness to our fans..and at the same time push this culture that we love so much forward …….so with that said…this is my contribution of what I feel the world needs… #TOGETHER drops tonight 🙏🏾🥺

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