Tell us more about your early influences? How did you start and how did you get your career off the ground back then? 
My early influences were first the big beat era: Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, then it evolved into more underground tech-house that I made for years. Stuff like The Timewriter, Terry Lee Brown Jr.
You always work with great vocal collaborators. Tell us, what kind of collaborations do you have in mind in the future, are there any artists that you would really love to work with? 
Adele is always on my wish list. I’m always looking for a vocalist that has a defined sound. There are too many “me-too” singers that don’t set themselves apart. You should be able to immediately recognize someone by their voice. 
Do you think something is missing in electronic music these days? I think electronic music is in a good place.. the scene could have more patience.. people get bored after 8 bars of music. 
If you were not a DJ or producer, what are you doing right now? Probably photography, design, or something entrepreneurial. 
What’s the most funniest thing that you have had happen to you during a show? At one show in Edmonton a girl went topless and jumped in the DJ booth. 
What do you say to the new young generation of DJs and producers who want to dedicate their lives to the electronic genre? Is it worth it? I think dedication is the key word. If you want to do it to make money or be famous, that motivation won’t sustain you for long. You have to eat, sleep, breathe it, and continually fall back in love with your craft. 
Do you think that it’s possible to produce the same level of track on your lap top at home as you can do in a professional studio? Definitely – yes. I think there’s too much focus on gear and engineering and people should spend more energy on songwriting. 
Finally, a few words for your fans in México? Hey guys – I’m grateful for all my Mexican fans and their support – hopefully I will be back soon to play new festivals and shows! 
Beat Night MX

Beat Night MX