1.-Tell us more about you , your influences, ? how was you beginnings etc?
My interest in music started before I can remember, my dad used to bring me to his rehearsals. I have always been a big Michael Jackson fan he inspires me to this day. It wasn’t until the age of 14 that I knew I would make my own music.

2,- Tell us, what kind of collaborations do you have in mind in the future or maybe some new tracks?
I’m focusing on my solo songs at the moment. There are some collabs in the works that I am really excited about. You will hear more about it in the future.
3.-Do you think something is missing in electronic music these days?
Well there is a lot of electronic music. But a lot of it is so loud as well. I hope to hear something that doesn’t hurt my ears soon.

4.-if you were not a Producer, what are you doing right now?
I would probably be a dancer. I have always loved to dance and I like to think if I continued doing that when I was younger I would have been good. Who knows.

5.-what’s the most funniest thing that you have had in a presentation?
I had a show with Armin van Buuren in Shanghai. I fell down the stairs on stage!


6.-What do you say to all the new young generation who want to dedicate into this genre?
Place your music above your ego. It’s really important
7. Do you think that is the same produce a track in your lap top at home etc or in a professional studio?
Starting a track on your laptop at home is way different, just the feeling of being home can change the whole vibe, not positive or negative, just different.
8.-if we say Mexico , you think in : _______
The best, most loyal and thankful audience in the world.
9.- few words for your fans in México ?
Thank you guys so much for your onward support over the years, muchachos y muchachas


Beat Night MX

Beat Night MX