Purple Haze, the enthralling, darker alter ego of Dutch legend Sander van Doorn, is back with another electronic anthem ‘You & Me’ – out now via Doorn Records.


 Layering ethereal chords over simple drums before working in the beat with a driving four-to-the-floor kick with a pulsing deep bass. As the song begins to build, Sander adds in arpeggiating digital synths, introducing a powerful and dark lead line over the top. After the parts all draw away, the haunting vocals float in with the catchy hook of the track’s title ‘You & Me’, building back up again this time with all the parts coming together to mix in a thumping crescendo before concluding in true style.

For his latest offering, Sander teams up with Belgium band Goose who supplied the lyrics and vocals, which sit perfectly over his excellent production. As is evident on this song and all of those that have come before, Purple Haze continues his winning streak, releasing electronic originals and remixes that sit comfortably in his glowing live show repertoire.       

Having recently taken Amsterdam Dance Event by storm with a very special Purple Haze show at the illustrious Melkweg, in partnership with Dolby Atmos, Sander van Doorn further cemented his position as one of dance music’s most celebrated acts. 

Beat Night MX

Beat Night MX