Artists: PANG! feat. Cameron Douglas
Title: Cigarette
Label: Dirty Soul
Release date: 07 October 2016

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Have you ever got the feeling of being haunted by the thoughts coming to your mind for some unaccountable reason? That sort of unfathomable experience appears out of nowhere while listening to every new mesmerizing production of Swedish project, PANG! This time, the group is coming back to sweep us off our feet with their newest piece, “Cigarette” featuring Cameron Douglas. The PANG! project does not retain the static flow in their productions, yet they bring out the sheen and eerie atmosphere to every piece of art they create. The mysterious duo continues their musical journey evoking unique, exquisite aura accompanied by the extraordinary art of Faustroll Garden. Not enchanting enough? Seemingly, PANG!, in spite of being veiled in mystery, is close to surpass 30 million streams on Spotify which proves that the enigma behind their pieces of art attracts those who cannot resist immersing in their uncanny and unique style.

It’s said: “Life is like a cigarette…” and so is their next unique single released under Dirty Soul label, upping the steamy climate and introducing vibrations thanks to which every next play of “Cigarette” makes us more addicted to its bitter yet soulful taste. The background message behind the song indicates the power of independent music and the potency of the web since the producers got inspired by one of the footages ofCameron Douglas, a guy playing acoustic sets in private houses. The Swedish duo eagerly welcomed this young and aspiring artist to their fantastic world of offbeat sounds, retouched one of his tracks and created another piece of art emphasizing the power of the virtual dimension. That’s another music experience which makes us crave for PANG!’s upcoming music treats.

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