1. Tell us more about you, your influences,? how was you beginnings etc? I was very much influenced and a young kid in the 90’s by breakbeats and Drum & Bass. I grew up around Tampa, Fl where breaks originated so it was always on the mainstream radio late at night. I would say that was my first form of dance music that started my eagerness to dig for more music like this.
  2. Tell us, what kind of collaborations do you have in mind in the future or maybe some new tracks? Well, I could spend a lot of time on this question. I’m a big fan of an artist right now “Regal” who is really getting big in Europe. I would love to work with him in the future.

3. Do you think something is missing in electronic music these days? I don’t think anything is missing. If anything, we have too many genre’s lol.

4, if you were not a DJ or producer, what are you doing right now? I was selling real estate before doing music full time. It’s great income so I assume this or would probably find a way to work for myself.

  1. what’s the most funniest thing you have had in a presentation?

6. which is the date or dates that for any reason you don’t work and made another things? what normally do in this date or dates ? I do take time for myself once a week. I don’t use my phone or watch TV. I just have a silent day to myself to reboot.

7.What do you say to all the new young generation who want to dedicate into this genre? if you are talking about those who want to be an artist, then my advice is to learn the real way to play. Everyone can use cdj’s. Make sure you also can play a vinyl set. Make sure you learn to play an instrument. It’s important to know how to also read music and understand basic music theory if you want to be really well rounded.

8.if we say Mexico , you think in : _party til the sun comes up lol______

9. few words for your fans in México ? It’s one of my favorite places to visit and play in! Everyone gives me so much good energy it’s really a special place.

Beat Night MX

Beat Night MX