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Brookyln-based producer and multi-instrumentalist JNTHN STEIN returns with the first single from his forthcoming EP, ‘Everything Is A Drug.’  An experimental fusion of jazz piano, blues guitar and off beat rhythms come together in unison, all produced, recorded and performed by the man himself. ‘Everything Is A Drug’ is out now on etcetc Music.

Listen: JNTHN STEIN – Everything Is A Drug

The track kicks off with STEIN’s deft Rhodes-esque chords dominating the soundscape, instantly setting a contemplative and sombre mood. As the track builds with vocal hums and clicks, a psychedelic orchestra comes to fruition, meticulously constructed by STEIN. A mélange of instruments keep the tension taut before the first beat is dropped, suddenly switching into a cymbal crashing build that borrows from jazz, blues and R&B influences to create something truly unique. Finally STEIN’s titular vocal refrain denotes the final act, emblazoned with a searing guitar solo that makes for a brazen topline guiding the arrangement towards the track’s final and literal exhale.

Stream/Buy: JNTHN STEIN – ‘Everything Is A Drug’

JNTHN STEIN: “Everything in this world makes you feel something. Whether it’s a potent substance, wind on your face, a tasty meal, a lover’s touch, the trickling sound of water, delicate chords on a piano, the jingle of drums, singing a melody you love alongside a screaming guitar, at the end of it all is the human brain receiving sensory information and turning it into emotion. I wanted to capture that in this song; every and all things that get you high on life, all in a single inhale and exhale.”

It’s clear that STEIN’s masterful command of a seemingly endless array of instruments is integral to his artistic output. At the same time a producer, arranger and live performer, STEIN is setting his sights on a world tour this summer with several dates across the UK and US. ‘Everything is a Drug’ is part of STEIN’s upcoming EP, which includes high profile collaborations with Mr Carmack and past collaborator BXRBER. As an ambassador for Ableton and their Push 2 controller, and with continued support on Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio 1 and New Music Friday on Spotify, 2017 is set to be STEIN’s break out year.


May 4th – Reggies, Chicago, IL, USA

May 5th – Newspeak, Montreal, QC, CA

May 11th – Three Links, Dallas, TX, USA

May 12th – Sidewinder, Austin, TX, USA

May 13th – Midtown Festival, Sacramento, CA, USA

May 20th – The Great Escape, Patterns, Brighton, UK

May 24th – Meow, Paris, France

May 25th – Pickle Factory, London, UK

May 26th – Kasbah, Coventry, UK

May 27th – WRUC Music Festival, Schenectady, NY

Sep 2nd – Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado, USA







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