Globally renowned Icelandic electronic act Gusgus are back with the release of their striking, tenth studio album ‘Lies Are More Flexible’. This latest composition showcases the collective’s aptitude for fusing a broad range of musical styles and emotions with both finesse and dynamism. The 8-track LP is available now via Gusgus’ label Oroom.

Listen: Gusgus – ‘Lies Are More Flexible’ LP

The LP draws influence from far and wide, resulting in a diverse mix of ambient, down-tempo, progressive dance and neo-electronic production infused with attitude from 80’s Italodisco and Synthwave. With band members Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst at the helm, ‘Lies Are More Flexible’guides the listener on an emotional journey through a sizzling spectrum of synthesized arpeggios, rave stabs, irresistible beats and spine-tingling vocals.

Featherlight kicks off the album, with an epic arpeggiated synthline, seemingly echoing through an endless cavern before a driving 4/4 kick enters the soundscape, and introduces the tone of the album. The filter opens on the synth as we hear Daníel Ágúst’s vocals for the first time drifting atop the machine-heavy composition below. A sombre melody in the breakdown instantly captures the mood of the album, setting the listener on a guided course. Don’t Know How to Love continues with an insatiable groove, in a more down-tempo and inquisitive nature after the crescendo of Featherlight, with backing vocals supplied by critic-favourite John Grant. Fireworks amps up the energy once again with a club ready groove, driving percussion and dynamic synth stabs.

Lifetime dials up the euphoria that Gusgus is known for, with Biggi’s melody perfectly harmonising Daníel’s layered, reverb heavy vocals. No Manual marks the beginning of the instrumental section of the album, an introspective and emotional track that pounds into the listener’s consciousness at 100 beats per minute. The titular track Lies Are More Flexible, is another instrumental piece exuding the masterful control that Biggi Veira commands of his analog hardware, invoking an 80s synthwave aesthetic. As we approach the final elements of the album, Towards Storm provides as a metaphoric introduction before plunging into the groove of Fuel, an addictive synth work out, encapsulating the theme of the album and bringing it to a neat and accomplished finale.

With a career spanning over two decades the band’s production output has explored a diverse array of possibilities within the electronic music sphere, with a rotating cast of members and a patchwork of different themes, all the while maintaining the highest quality. This latest LP is the first studio album release from Gusgus since their 2014 hit ‘Mexico’, with the four years between spent touring the globe while honing their sound through self-released demos and remixes.

Gusgus are one of the most sought after and longstanding electronic acts from Iceland. Armed with a legendary, must-see live show that encompasses all the elements that they are known for, on stage Gusgus extend their tracks and warp their soundscapes in a way that is unique to each performance. World-renowned for their genre-defying style, an eclectic infusion of modern club culture and echoes of the past, they have remixed legendary acts such as Depeche Mode, Björk and Sigur Rós, and have consistently found increasing relevance within an ever-changing electronic music scene, carving their own fortune and sound that is further exemplified by the release of ‘Lies Are More Flexible.’

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