Artists: Flatdisk & Gil Sanders ft. Jacob Wellfair
Title: Lost
Label: Big & Dirty
Release date: 14 April 2017

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Whether you define yourself as a hopeless romantic or not, chances are you’ve experienced the helpless, exhilarating, butterfly-inducing feeling of falling for someone new. Although it’s difficult to embody that emotion, Flatdisk and Gil Sanders have managed to do just that in their new release “Lost.” Captivating vocals by Jacob Wellfair are carried along on an instrumental breeze during the introduction, drawing the listener into the sonic story before the bass kicks in. The melodic, dreamy combination of vocals and instrumentals coupled with the drop’s groovy synths make for the best of both worlds; Flatdisk mastered the difficult art of creating a track that is both uplifting and thought-provoking, romantic and yet lively enough to dance to. “Lost” is Flatdisk‘s first release on Big & Dirty

Flatdisk‘s sound is like that first perfect spring day after a long winter, when the sun is glittering and the smell of new life floods the air-everything just feels right. It’s no wonder their sound is so multifaceted and yet entirely natural; the duo Axel and Leo are both professionally trained musicians, each with over a decade of making tunes of all fashions under their belt. The heavenly acoustics you hear aren’t manufactured-Flatdisk plays real instruments and skillfully entwines the melodies with digital sounds, creating a dynamic sound that simply shines. Flatdisk was formed when Axel and Leo joined forces over a consuming, lifelong love of music grounded in authentic instrumentals. The duo has since garnered the support of many prolific artists, such as Tiesto, David Guetta, and the Chainsmokers, and has released on prestigious labels such as Universal, Armada, Flamingo, and more. Tune in to “Get Lost” and let this talented duo whisk you away! 

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