Artists: Dumbers & MAXIMALS

Title: Dancin’ 
Label: Protocol Recordings
Release date: 19 August 2016

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Long before today’s electronic music existed and even before the rise of purist house music, there was disco. It was disco that began the modern dance revolution, and Dumbers & MAXIMALS‘s new track “Dancin’” proves that it still holds the timeless power to get a crowd grooving. The Protocol Recordings producers give a fresh twist on the label’s familiar house sound with the funky, bouncy bass line of “Dancin’“, which is accented by soulful melodies that make the track’s title come to life.Dumbers & MAXIMALS have managed to take a vintage-inspired sound and make it accessible to the modern generation of electronic music lovers, which is a unique move at a time when the music scene is so focused on futuristic productions. 

Founded by Nicky RomeroProtocol Recordings is synonymous with house and progressive house music. However, the label has been signing dynamic up-and-coming talent – such as Dumbers & MAXIMALS – and thus diversifying its music. MAXIMALS is an Italian duo who are inspired by the atmosphere of dance music in the ’70s and ’80s, while Dumbers brings his experience playing in funk and rock bands to the table – all influences that are evident in the vibe of “Dancin‘”. Dumbers & MAXIMALS have received support from the likes of Thomas GoldFirebeatz and more. Perhaps they will be the ambassadors to bring “old school”, disco-influenced music back to the mainstream! Stay tuned for more releases on Protocol Recordings from each of these talented producers.

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