Sin duda una de las pérdidas más fuertes en la música electrónica es la partida tan pronta de Avicii, (sin despreciar ninguna de los últimos años).

Si alguien faltaba de despedirse de Avicii era su ex novia, y que forma de hacerlo ?, a continuación te dejamos el emotivo mensaje que le dedico, al que fuera su pareja por mucho tiempo.

Te recomendamos tener los pañuelos a la mano y tratar de no llorar mucho.

My heart is broken. Tim, It Feels like it was just yesterday when we were inseparable. We talked and laughed till sunrise. It was us against the world. Memories to last a lifetime. Through all of our ups and downs I wanted nothing more than to make sure you were healthy and happy and be there for you every step of the way. Give you life, something to look forward to, but the universe had different plans for us. I know how hard you struggled and tried. I tried everything I could. Thank you for showing me and teaching me what true love feels like. Taking me along with you through your journey. The bond, and connection we shared was so pure and real, I don’t think it ever really truly broke. It has always been and will always be in my heart forever. It was far too soon for you, so gifted and so special. You were the biggest part of my life and played a huge role, I will forever cherish those moments. I just want you to know that I never stopped having love for you. I find comfort knowing that Tim's music touched the lives of billions, and that his spirit and memory will live on in all of our hearts forever. My condolences to his amazing family through this hard time, my heart is with them. Thank you to all my family and friends for the kind loving messages, and support. Rest In Peace beautiful Angel ❤️ I will never forget you. Love Raqattack ❤️?

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